Hardcore technology in soft package

Enough is Enough

WATTI future-proof electronics are created to simplify your everyday life. We’re passionate about combining front-running technology, functionality, and sustainability. To us, sustainability means durability. WATTI is designed to stand the test of time.

We’re done with short-lived, tangled cables that are never compatible with the right device. It’s time to think smarter and prevent e-waste. We want to see a world where charging devices and transferring data is simple, efficient, and sustainable.

WATTI® VOIMA DUAL Power adapter 100W GaN 2-port

The future is USB-C

We offer future-proof cables and converters – in the swiss army knife style.
A Few articles about the new USB-C standard below.

Be in charge

Be smart and choose a future-proof solution.

VIRTA 20W USB-C Power adapter – White
Intelligent PD3.0 output
KAISTA Lightning to USB-C cable – Blue
Lightning to USB-C Cable
Apple MFi-certified
VOLTTI Multipurpose USB-C cable – 2m
USB-C to USB-C 3.2 Gen 2x2, 20Gb/s
Video, Audio, Data & 100W Power

Why Choose WATTI?

Hard-wearing tools are mindful of our natural resources. Our practical wool felt bag extends the lifespan of the products. We’re proud to offer 3-5 years warranty.


One Solution Fits All

The European Commission is taking legislative action to establish a common charging solution for all relevant devices. The future is USB-C. We stand with the EU, offering the solution – a future-proof quality USB-C cable.

Unfortunately, all devices don’t come with a USB-C connector yet. In the meantime, we offer multipurpose premium cables and converters in the swiss army knife style.

Real Sustainability

Durability is sustainability. Watti is made to last.

To us, sustainability is not only a noble value to muse about. We’re committed to respecting our environment in everyday action. Our products are multi-purpose and sturdy. We use premium materials to make hard-wearing devices and tangle-free cables. Our packaging is zero-plastic.

Available in four colors

WATTI® KAISTA Lightning to USB-C Cable

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPhone with newest Lightning C94 connector to your devices. Charge up to 20W and backup data with fast steady current.

Fast charging

Original chips

Tangle free

Steady current

2 in 1 data transfer

Resistance to swing

Our Story

WATTI is a family startup from Helsinki.

Our founder Joni Gefwert has run the biggest cyclorama studio in Finland since 2016. Working on large-scale productions with creative teams on a tight schedule is full of variables and random events. The same applies to modern everyday life. Creative chaos can be a thrill at its best – but only if the technology works flawlessly.

WATTI® VOLTTI Multipurpose cable

The swiss army knife of all cables.

Multipurpose, future-proof and robust USB-C cable made to last. We give you 5 year guarantee to back you up.

Tinned copper wires combine with Kevlar fibre.

Robust metal alloy connector housings, with improved shielding to minimize interference.

Braided ultra durable non-slip cable, reinforced with nylon yarn.

20 Gbps

USB 3.2 Gen 2.2


Video & Audio

Kevlar Fiber

15,000 Bend Lifespan

1600 MB/S

Transfer Large Files

E-marker Chip

Up to 100W Power

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Tel. +358 44 555 77 55